Montessori Math


Navarre Montessori Academy develops confident, multicultural, multilingual children who respect diversity and

community and who are caring, capable, enthusiastic, and committed to a lifetime of learning.

Navarre Montessori Academy is a dual-language immersion school that nurtures learning in an environment that celebrates cultural differences and holds to Maria Montessori philosophy. As the world changes, so do our local and global environments. The future will bring more diversity in the people with whom our children will live, work, and develop families and friends. 


Family and community 

Navarre Montessori Academy helps create caring, compassionate children and instills in them a sense of family, community, and respect for their environment. 


Whole-child development 


Our focus on whole-child development through the Montessori approach fosters confidence, enthusiasm, and the joy of learning in the child.


Learning in multiple languages develops overall intelligence, enhances cognitive development, and increases capacity for learning additional languages both now and later in life.


Intellectual Potential

Navarre Montessori Academy provides a learning environment that encourages and allows the child to be self-directed, work at their own pace, and reach their full intellectual potential